Looking for that perfect song to underscore the opening scene of your new film?

Need a high energy dance track that compels listeners to pay attention to you brand?

Looking for a trendy popsong that fits to your new advert? With a catalog spanning

many genres, chances are good that ON AIR has the perfect track to match your

synch needs.

Search our catalog below. Need more help? Feel free to contact one of our

licensing experts.

We have several ways to procure music or lyrics from our catalog see the various options below.


Our most common license granted is a synchronization license. A synch license is any license granted for a

song used in a film, film trailer, video game, television commercial, web video etc.

A synch is music that synchronized to any moving image across multiple mediums.


Often a synch use also needs to be cleared on the master side. Especially if the original artist voice is used.

A master license refers to the recorded side of the music business (not publishing), and is typically handled

by the record label who released the track and holds the master rights to the song. ON AIR PUBLISHING 

handles the masters for many of its songs. To find out what songs we can clear both master and

publishing on, get in touch with our sync department. 


Do you want to use one of our famous song lyrics in a book or magazine, on merchandise, a lyrics or app?

That is an example of a print license, which is any license that is not with moving images and is just the

lyrical element. Sheet music also falls under our print license. Please contact our print licensing department. 


Do you need music but not necessarily a hit song? Production Music is music specifically written for inclusion

in audio and audio-visual productions, such as advertisements, broadcast programmes, film, and

video productions. Using our revolutionary production music model , we make music licensing as simple as

possbile for every client and project. To achieve that, we offer a combined publishing and master right

licensing model. All of the music rights that we issue are automatically free of geographic or time-based

constraints for all media forms with unlimited use of as many tracks as you need. There’s no catch – just great music.

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