Music Consulting

Starting off in the music industry can seem like a maze at the best of times. With so many different avenues, how do you know which ones are worth your time and which ones to leave? Furthermore, even if you do know who you want to speak to, how do you get yourself heard when there’s so much competition?

At On Air Publishing, we take on a select number of clients each year, navigating them through the process and lending them both our expertise and our huge connections throughout the industry. We speak to labels, get their music on the listening table, negotiate deals, sign remix contracts, arrange media and promotional campaigns, discuss possibilities with global booking agents, create opportunities with key radio stations and influential streaming platforms, and put them as artists and brands forefront in the minds of the people who matter the most.

To find out if our team could help you further your career and profile on a national and international level, contact us at

On Air Publishing offers a full range of services to both artists and labels.

If you’re looking for a boutique service that is ‘a la carte’, personally tailored to your specific needs, and where communication and humanity are just as important as setting goals and successfully achieving objectives, then look no further than the On Air Publishing family.

We look forward to chatting to you today, and welcoming you into our home!

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